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Sensor groups

Custom sensor groups can be loaded, edited and highlighted on 2d and 3d graphs using the channel groups docking window. To modify a sensor group, click in the corresponding column on the channel group docking window, then hold SHIFT pressed and click on a sensor axis or 3d sensor marker to add/remove this sensor to/from the selected group. Click in the "Color" row cells to change the color of a specific sensor group. Click the "Name" row cells to change the name of the sensor group, that will be displayed as axis title and that will be used as factorial gradation name when calculating an ANOVA with a sensor group factor.

load groups from a textfile

save the current sensor group table in a textfile

clears the sensor group table

apply the current sensor group table

starts automatic creation of sensor groups with the given spherical angle, the given number of sensors per group or or the number of total groups - whichever parameter was last set. Sensor groups are optimized for minimum spatial spread.

flip sensor group along a given dimension

activates the display of grouped axes

Signals averaged across sensors in a group can be displayed using the group axes tool button. The group signal integration function (Global Power, Root Mean Square or Mean) can be selected using the dropdown menu on the sensor groups docking window. Grouped sensor 3d markers can be scaled for better visibility using the "grouped sensor scaling" spinbox on the sensors-tab of the options browser.